Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Fruits and Berries

It's funny how inspiration strikes sometimes.  I read this blog post which lead me to this photoshop brush, which is a fantastic replication of a pencil.  I love drawing in pencil so I'm always searching for great digital versions, none I've found before have really been that great.  This one however, is amazing.  As soon as I got it I played around with it and fell in love.  We were away in Brighton for the weekend when I got it so I didn't have my Wacom to really take it for a proper spin.  Using it was all I could think of when I got home, but I had a load of other work to do and no time to really try it.  I honestly, truly, lost sleep thinking about what I could be doing with that brush.  Mental I know.  

Anyway anyway.. last night we got home from a music business conference we'd been at for two days.. I sat down on the sofa with my macbook and my Wacom (ergonomic nightmare..) I started drawing some lemons and I didn't stop until I'd created four different fruit patterns.. I went to be bed at three and I got up this morning and did four more.  Aaaand breath.  When I find something like this that I love doing I find I can't stop until it's done! It's like being hypnotised!  I love how the creative floodgates can be opened by a simple, unexpected thing!

Hope you like these patterns, I've put them up on Spoonflower where they'll be for sale as soon as I get the swatches back.  Hope they brighten you're day if it's as gloomy as the one here in London.

I've also put each one up individually on my new revamped website if you'd care to take a look!

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