Saturday, May 26, 2012

Digital Painting

I always get excited when I find a new medium I enjoy working with.  The past couple of days I've been messing around with digital painting in a program called Artrage.  I can't get over how bad the name is but I really love using it.  I've had it on my iPad for ages and I'd kind of forgotten about it, but I saw an iPad billboard the other day which featured it so I decided to give it another go.  We were in Manchester this week so I had some time on the train to play with it and I really enjoyed it, so I got the Mac version when I got home.  I really love the paint textures, they are really nice and realistic.  It's also really nice not to worry about washing brushes or trying to get a scan to look like the real thing.  Plus there's the wonderful advantage of the undo button. 

Also, how great is the weather in London right now? Don't get me wrong because I love winter, but prior to this week we had a month of rain EVER DAY.  It was hard not to daydream about the here it is!

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