Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Stationery

Whilst being super busy with other stuff I've been trying to keep up my doodling.  If you follow me on Instagram (amyalisha) you will have seen some of these guys forming.  Not sure what I'll do with them yet but I do love them, they make me smile!  Hope you like them too!

By the way, I've been digging these pens lately, used them for the guys above.  They are meant for Japanese calligraphy but they make great drawing pens.  They are like a more rigid brush pen.  I have trouble making confident strokes with regular brush pens, my lines go a bit wobbly.  But these seem to have just enough give to give brush like lines without losing control.  Can wait to stock up on them at Itoya when I'm in Tokyo!


  1. I love these little guys! Haven’t tried brush pens before, but think I’d like to give them a go.

  2. Yes same here!! I've seen them on Instagram and fell in love with them!! As for the pens...yeah will probably try them at some point! ;)



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