Sunday, May 22, 2011

Window Shopping

Hello people arriving from Pinterest!!  Glad you like my photo.  Please take a moment to visit my illustration store here.
On Friday night I had a dream...but lets back track...I have a dream (it's not a very righteous dream)... A dream to one day have my own shop.  Not just to sell my own things but to sell lots of lovely things that make people smile, basically all the things I'd buy for myself if I had a golden credit card that I never had to pay off.  Handmade things, prints, homewares, cards yadda yadda.  Anyway this is really never going to happen (unless someone anonymously deposits a large sum of cash into my bank account, email me for sort code and account number...).

I've been thinking about it a lot lately, even window shopping (unaffordable) retail spaces around London.  It's nice to have a dream in case a mystery backer does turn up one day.  So on friday night I had this dream that I was drawing on the windows in lovely white paint markers, it was a nice feeling!  Then on Saturday we went to Berwick street to visit the Independent Label Market (heads of great indie record labels manning their own stalls intermixed with the usual fruit and veg stalls)...and I saw the window of Cass Art....

Isn't that weird!?  This is basically exactly the kind of thing from my dream.  I will take this as a sign and check my bank balance on regular intervals. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Rubbish Pie Chart

I'm not alone here right?

Monday, May 16, 2011


If you find yourself lucky enough to have access to an iPad, check out the free app Flipboard.  My other half recently got an iPad and after discovering the brilliance of this app I find myself commandeering the iPad every morning.  My favourite way to start the day lately going through my google reader feed with Flipboard and a cup of tea.

It's a great app because it's totally customisable, you can add things like your reader feed, twitter links (links that people tweet), instagram, flickr, londonist and plenty of other news feeds.  Each feed is presented in a really lovely way, it's basically like reading a magazine (the pages even turn) tailored just for you! I love it because it's a chance to catch up on blogs without the distraction of email, twitter, facebook, blah blah blah.  It really is just like sitting down to read a magazine.  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some random iphone photos

All of these edited with Instagram, it's a really great app!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I am embarking on the writing of this blog post knowing it may well be the most boring post ever but let's just see how we go.  So, I have taken the plunge and ordered myself a custom made bag on Etsy.  I know taking the plunge sounds so dramatic and it's just a bag!  I know I know.  But let me give you some background. I love bags! I love them!  Not handbags for the love of god I hate handbags, I have never owned one in my life and I get deeply offended when someone refers to my "personal bag" as a handbag!  Anyway, backpacks, satchels, give me them!  BUT, I am super fussy. Like mega-ultra-that zip is not in precisely the right place so NO DEAL!  I am frustratingly fussy.  Sometimes I wish I could just walk in to a shop and pick a bag off the shelf and buy it and be content with it.  But I can't.  It has to have the right pocket configuration.  It can't be too small.  It can't be too big. It can't have some horrible brand name scrolled across it.  It can't have the wrong colour hardware.  I am not kidding you, the list goes on!  

For some time I have been looking for an over the shoulder bag that I can fit my Nikon in to easily but that isn't a horrible massive handbag, my current bag does fit the Nikon but if its in there nothing else will fit.  A while ago I found an Etsy seller who had a rather pleasing selection of bags, nothing quite right (of course) but further investigation uncovered the fact that she will customise any bag in any way you want!  ANY. WAY. YOU. WANT. Umm...ok  pocket here, extra pocket there, zipper on that pocket, custom colours...done and done!  I have to wait just under a month to get it but I shall report back when it arrives, I know you won't be able to sleep in anticipation.  Maybe it will be the perfect bag.  Dare I dream it?  

Here I have done a sketch for you to illustrate what I have ordered!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Designers Makers Tomorrow!

Hey Londoners. I'll be selling at Designers Makers tomorrow (Saturday).  Come and say hello!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Burritos in Blue!

This week I ran out of my second run of "I love you more than a giant burrito" cards so I decided to do a reprint in a different colour.  The blue cards are available in my Etsy store now!  I thought I'd show that they really are hand printed by including my ink covered hand in the photo!

Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day

Yesterday was mother's day in australia, where my mum is.  I think mother's day is a really important day not only to thank your mum for..well..everything... but also to think about her and think about who she was before you came along screaming and pooing and generally taking up 24 hours of her day!  I scanned a few photos that I have here in London (the reset are in her basement in Brisbane).

That's me in the bump and my brother enjoying some early 80s coca cola

On my 1st birthday

Apparently my mum sewed this outfit from a pattern in a magazine and the little crown came with the magazine.  By the way this photo looks exactly like me.

With my fairly new born brother, mum's first.  I had that same crazy stare.

One of my fave pics of my mum, taken by my dad when they first met.

Curley haired me giving mum a kiss.

Happy mother's day mum! ♥

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Swedish Summer House

Hi folks.  Here's the latest in swedish house related products... I have stopped making my swedish house brooches.  I do love them, but the way I was making them and the amount of colour I had to put on them meant that I would make five and one would work out without any smudges etc.  I've experimented a little with some option to make them in clay but I haven't really worked out a good way to do it yet. fill the void left by those cute houses, today I devised a new summer house product!  Let me introduce you to the printable, colour-in-able, cut out and assemble-able (that didn't really work did it?) Swedish summer house!

Tah-dah!  As you can see it even comes with some trees and it's own lake!  This was a really fun project to work on, once I started I didn't stop until it was finished!  I'm not going to lie, I had fun colouring in!

Here's a couple of photos to show you the process. Not exactly thrilling stuff I know but it's the first time I've eve actually documented my process (hello new phone with excellent camera..)

This is my original quick sketch of the idea.  I didn't intend to colour the whole thing in but I got a bit carried away..

Here's my prototype tree.  I had to make a few before I had one that would stand up!

Here's the finished house.  The first one I made was a lot taller and didn't look right at all.  This one is nearly the same shape as the house on the brooch with a bonus attic window.

Here's my enthusiastically coloured trees, no need to stay in the lines if yr cutting them out!  I can imaging little ones going mental colouring these in!

Here's a finished tree!

Here's what you get in the PDF.  It's very simple to make but I've included a few minimal instructions as well.

So there you go.  I hope you like it.  I think this would be a fun little rainy day project for kids to do.  Also because you are getting a PDF you can print it as many times as you like, so you could make a whole village, each kid can have their own house.  If you do purchase one I'd really love to see what you create so please do send me a photo!

Here's the store link.. go get one!

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Phone!

Weee!  So excited!  After much blood boiling courier shenanigans I finally got my new iPhone4!  My old phone was a 3G and even though it was just barely 2 years old, it had ground to an infuriatingly slow pace to the point where I couldn't really take photos or use the maps at all!  So glad to have a great camera in my pocket!  I used to do a iPhone camera app review blog but I stopped when the iPhone 4 came out because the quality of my camera was so far below it. I might start doing some reviews here from time to time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Finally received a copy (or 3) of Frankie magazine with my illustration!  Look at it, it's massive!  Frankie is such a top quality magazine, I'm so honored that they liked my illustration enough to use it for their monthly poster.  The lovely Lara even wrapped it in pretty tissue for me and included a sweet note.  I hope lots of people put it up on their wall.  If you do I would love to see a photo!

Frankie is an Australian magazine but it is available in the UK too.  I don't think this issue (#43) will hit the UK until next month.  You can go here to find stockists near you.  I saw the previous issue for sale at the newspaper stand in Brixton tube station today, fyi!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Market Drawings

I did a market stall at a music festival on the weekend and business was very very slow.  A shame because there were loads of people, they just weren't in the mind for shopping.  I did a few doodles while soaking up some sun, so it wasn't all bad.


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