Monday, July 4, 2011


Here's a really quick sketch I did tonight of Sacre-Coeur in Paris.  I think I spent longer fiddling with colours in photoshop than I did on the actual sketch!

I'm really excited to be going back to Paris for a few  days in a couple of months with my Mum (who is will be visiting from Australia!). Having done all the major touristy stuff, it will be great to go back and do a bit more exploring.  And I've found us a lovely apartment in Montmartre, right next to the Sacre - Coeur!  If you have any Paris tips for markets, vintage stores etc, I'd love to hear them!


  1. I dunno if you are a steak-person, but down the road a bit from Montmartre (near Parc Monceau, in the 17eme) is a restaurant called Mascot. It's tiny and has about 5 tables, but the filets...phwoar! They are so tender, cutting through them is like slicing a cooked beetroot (possibly the most satisfying thing to cut EVER). They serve the steaks with perfect skinny chips, but will substitute them for scrummy green beans if you ask. The waiter there (ginger, glasses, small beard) is also super nice- just don't ask for ketchup or he will make fun of you every time you go in! And then just up Avenue Macmahon from it is our old local caff "Lateral"- the best fruit crumble EVER, and open till 2 or 3 am for sitting at a table and people watching all evening. How I miss that place!

  2. And I forgot to say- KICK ASS about Anorak! Such a lovely publication. Noyce!

  3. thank you susk, but i'm very sorry to inform you that i'm a veggie! good tip though! maybe i'll take my mum there anyway!



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