Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry-On

Here's a little illo I did this evening about flying and how we always push the limits with our carry-on bags when our checked in suitcases are stuffed to the max!  The trick is to walk like the backpack doesn't weigh 25kgs and tuck your side bag behind you on the opposite side of the person taking your boarding pass.  It's a fine art... also I think I read somewhere the other day that you can bring on what ever shopping you bought in the airport with you.  Thus proving that airports really are wonderful money making machines!

I'm off to New York next week (hence travel is on my mind!) so I won't be shipping anything from my store between 19th and 28th July, so if you fancy something soon best order it today or over the weekend!  I'm incredibly excited about visiting New York again, my favourite place in the world!  But I'll save all that for another blog post...

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