Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holga for Nikon!

I love my Holga.  I love shooting film.  I cut my photographic teeth with a Pentax K-1000 and many hours in a darkroom, long before digital photography was within the reach of regular people.  But these days I really can't justify the cost of film.  And if I'm honest, it's hard to tear yourself away from the instant gratification of digital and I love shooting on our Nikon D90.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered an amazing compromise, a set of Holga lenses for Nikon!  There is a regular lens, tele and wide.  Like Holga it has fixed focusing modes, person, a few people, a big group of people and mountain, ie close, a bit further, a lot further and infinite, so it's kind of a relief to be able to check if a shot is in focus and reshoot if not.

Above are a few rushed shots I took yesterday.  A little lightroom tweaking and I'm pretty pleased with these results!

It's not film, but it's pretty nice.  We're off to New York next week (weeeee!) and for me this is a nice compromise when it comes to the dilema of wondering if I should bring a film camera with me or not!

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