Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Monday was my birthday, my 30th birthday.  We went to dinner at what I've decided is my favourite restaurant in London, a Japanese place called Taro in Soho.  I had the above bento box and it was so good!  I also had some sneaky extra dumplings too (not pictured).  There is nothing in this bento box that I don't love (a miracle as I'm a pretty fussy eater..) and I love that you get a little bit of so many things, you don't have to commit to just one dish!  The Japanese really have hit a winner with the bento box. I really recommend this restaurant because not only is the food great but the service is top notch too.  

***note that I now have a version of the bento illustration available as a print in my store, though I've changed birthday to vegetable! 

By the way do you like the font I've used in this illustration?  I created it from my very own writing using this website.  They give you a page to print and scan, then you upload it and the site magically builds it for you.  You can preview it and if you like it you pay $5 USD and it's yours!  I like that you can see it before you buy it.  I think I'll make a few more!

And now about gifts.  My handsome other half...I was not at all expecting a gift from him because we are going on a trip soon, and that trip was supposed to be my present.  Anyway, scoring about a million boyfriend points he got me this sweet Akai Syth Station keyboard which is designed to play using it to control sounds from your iPhone.  You can also use it as a regular midi controller for with things like GarageBand.  Most of my readers probably don't know that in a former life, I was in a band.  (that's me with the teeny blue piano).  In 2009 I quit the band to move to London to live with the previously mentioned handsome fellow, and I haven't played a keyboard since.  Handsome fellow is a MASSIVE synth nerd so we're always geeking out about synths, he has a great vintage collection and a crazy modular as tall as me, but it's nice to have something to noodle around on with headphones.

All in all it was a really great birthday.  I'm very happy to be in my 30s now.  I did a lot of fantastic stuff in my 20s but I feel like my 30s will be a bit more chilled out, mentally more than anything.  It's hard to explain exactly, I guess I feel like a proper adult?  I'm glad my 30s are here.


  1. Happy 30th Amy! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely one! The 30s are great, I love them! My husband Dan will be joining me this month too (my toy boy)! Love the font too...great link, I may have a go at something myself. Also loved the video! So cool! I have been in a band or two myself...good times. Have fun geeking out with the synth. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  2. Ace! I love your blog...

    Lovely font, lovely illustration, enjoyed the music vid (what a cute piano!) and will consider venturing into Japanese cuisine!

    Happy birthday! X

  3. ahhh i recognised it straight away!! my favorite bento from mr taro!!! :D
    happy bday!!!

  4. A happy belated 30th! The bento drawing looks great!



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