Sunday, May 22, 2011

Window Shopping

Hello people arriving from Pinterest!!  Glad you like my photo.  Please take a moment to visit my illustration store here.
On Friday night I had a dream...but lets back track...I have a dream (it's not a very righteous dream)... A dream to one day have my own shop.  Not just to sell my own things but to sell lots of lovely things that make people smile, basically all the things I'd buy for myself if I had a golden credit card that I never had to pay off.  Handmade things, prints, homewares, cards yadda yadda.  Anyway this is really never going to happen (unless someone anonymously deposits a large sum of cash into my bank account, email me for sort code and account number...).

I've been thinking about it a lot lately, even window shopping (unaffordable) retail spaces around London.  It's nice to have a dream in case a mystery backer does turn up one day.  So on friday night I had this dream that I was drawing on the windows in lovely white paint markers, it was a nice feeling!  Then on Saturday we went to Berwick street to visit the Independent Label Market (heads of great indie record labels manning their own stalls intermixed with the usual fruit and veg stalls)...and I saw the window of Cass Art....

Isn't that weird!?  This is basically exactly the kind of thing from my dream.  I will take this as a sign and check my bank balance on regular intervals. 


  1. I too have a dream to own a little shop that sells lovely things. I even went as far as PHOTOSHOPPING my "shop" onto an existing building I found a photo of ( How lame is THAT?

    In my vision it was going to have a Gocco corner for people to easily print some sweet things and get their hands messy. Er, and it would have a bike repair shop as well. And a bakery incorporated too. Maybe a bouncy castle? Depending on space, naturally.


    I think your shop would be ace though. I'd shop there!

  2. umm, Süsk, we need our own mall. also, thanks for giving me the idea of photoshopping my shop on to vacant shops. like i needed ANOTHER distraction along with busying myself drawing piecharts about my laziness!

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  4. Love this window! I drew a picture of a half art/crafty shop & half pet shop when I was about 8, I still have it, I'd love a little shop too!

  5. I love the windows, too! All you need is some paint and some creativity! ♥

  6. what do you use to decorate the windows?? do you paint on them or are they decals?

  7. Eugina, I'm guessing you didn't read my post, I didn't do these windows.

  8. how amazing! totally take it as a sign! :)

    Great find. Thanks for sharing!


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