Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wallpaper Tile

Hi everyone. Where have I been?!  Well I am in London but I did not visit the queen!  I'm so sorry, that was the lamest thing ever. (blogging at 1.28am isn't the best idea..)

Anyway I've been doing a million things at once as usual.  The last few days I've been working on some designs for Spoonflower fabric!  It's quite exciting and I can't quite stop myself.  If it didn't cost $5.00 per design to get a sample to approve it for sale I'd have hundreds of patterns up for sale already!  So somewhat restrained I have designed a few and ordered a sample of just one, when it arrives I will approve it for sale and then work on some more.  You can check out the patterns I've done so far here.  Let me know if you really love (and want to buy) any of them and I'll get approval samples for those too so they can be purchased.

The next design I'm working on is a stationary doodle I did this evening.  In testing it's tile-ability I set it as my desktop wallpaper and it looked great!  So I thought I'd give it to you lovely readers to use as your own desktop.  (click the image then right click and save as..but you know that...)

Please don't reuse it on your own site without permission.  For personal use only.

Also, and definitely LOADS more exciting is that I have an illustration in the new issue of FRANKIE magazine!  Weeee!  So exciting.  It's not a tiny illustration either, it's the big poster in the middle!  La-de-da.   I've known it was happening for aaaages, I'm talking months and months and months but I tried not to get too excited about it until it was actually printed.  I haven't seen it in person yet, I'm waiting for it to arrive from Australia and with the 45 bank holidays here this month it might take a little longer than normal!  I'll be sure to share it with you when it arrives!


  1. I really like the taxi and London prints...there's something of the M. Sasek about them!

    Congrats on the magazine! Is it only available in Aus? x

  2. thank you sooo much! that is a mega compliment! you can get frankie in the uk but it's a month or so behind, it should get here next month i guess.



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