Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Update

I hope you guys are having a nice weekend.  

Yesterday I was at the Wonder Hill High Market in Highgate selling my wares.  I have to be honest, after following Friday's events in Japan I didn't much feel like smiling and selling my silly brooches.  I have a lot of friends in Japan, thankfully they are all ok but the whole thing is so upsetting.  It must have been so scary for everyone who was there, and with after shocks still going and going, I'm sure people aren't getting much sleep.  If I was there I'm sure I would be a nervous wreck.  I hope everyone can stay strong and get through this difficult time.

So, the market ended up being a lovely day, it was quite nice being away from glowing rectangles for a whole day.  My lovely other half came down to keep me company all day and a few friends, Henrik, Caroline and Kim who live near by popped in to say hello.  The Boogaloo is a great pub, I'm sure the market will reach full swing and be great in summer, hopefully I'll be back there soon.

I hope you enjoy this little sketch I did of my stall, despite it's horrendous proportions! 


  1. Love this sketch and its proportions! Glad it well. I can imagine it would've been hard with everything going on. I have been finding it hard to focus too.
    I'm hoping to do this market myself when we've moved. We're moving to Crouch End, so it'll be really convenient! Hope to see you at one soon :)

  2. oh la la! crouch end is so lovely! what a brilliant area. we walked from highgate to crouch end for dinner after the market last night, along a lovely track that used to be a railway line. every time i get out of the tube at highgate i'm always struck by how lovely it is.

  3. Ah yes, I know the's called the Parkland Walk, and part of it comes out in the road we're moving to. You should pop in for tea one day when we're all moved in!



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