Saturday, March 26, 2011

Late night watercolouring

Here's some watercolour painting I did last night.  I've been trying to get a handle on watercolour for a while but I'd been struggling to get some results that I was happy with.  

I thought that maybe the problem was that I had been using some quite cheap paint, so I decided to invest in some better quality product.  I also realised that I'd been a little too impatient and gave up to quickly when I wasn't happy with the result.  The final piece was that I realised I'd been using too much "colour" and not enough "water"!  Suddenly it all fell in to place and I'm quite happy with the results I've been getting. 

I got these cute little watercolour "trading cards", I've always preferred to work on a small scale so they are perfect!


  1. These are cute :) I especially like the one with glasses. I'm glad I read this as I have trouble getting results I like with Water Colours so maybe next time I'm feeling flush I'll treat myself. What paints did you buy that were better quality? Molly xo

  2. thank you molly :)

    I got a small set of Winsor & Newton paints called a "Sketchers' Pocket Box". It was only £7 but there aren't many colours, only 12 and not black. I'm going to get a larger set as soon as I can!

  3. £7 aint baaad, maybe I'll start off my collection there :) Thanks replying xo

    p.s I'm enjoying your male additions to the series



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