Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Japan Centre Treats

I went to the Japan Centre last night to pick up a few of my favourite Japanese treats.  If you're in London check it out.

Let's Pretz!  Soft pretzel like sticks, I love them!  They taste a little like Dixie Drum Sticks.

Rice Ball Seasoning.  You mix it with cooked rice then squash them in to balls.  My Japanese friend Koji introduced me to this great stuff.

Rice Ball molds for making above mentioned rice balls!
A Melon Bun.  I know it sounds weird but it really a sweet is melon flavoured bun, oiishi desu!

Another rice seasoning product, this one is sesame and sea salt, in a very cute dispenser.

Red Bean Cake.  One of my favourite Japanese foods, often sold by street vendors.

Here you can see the red bean filling.  It's not overly sweet and is a bit of an acquired taste but I love it!

My favourite Japanese drink.  It's often called Afternoon Tea and of course is sold in the vending machines that are located on every corner. It's not as overpoweringly sweet as things like Lipton ice tea.  Refreshing!


  1. I would love to visit Japan! Everything looks so deliciously cute!



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