Thursday, February 3, 2011

Side Project

I'd like to introduce you to what is, I suppose my side project. I've opened a new little Etsy store called Sandwich of the Month. I say little because I've only listed one item so far, but hey, that item is the amazingly awesome AIRMAIL TWINE!

One of my favourite things about being a seller on Etsy is packing up orders to send off to customers. I love to gift wrap each item that I send and the customers love receiving their item that way, like a gift from themselves!

I love to source a whole lot of different materiels to wrap things, but I find there to be very few people selling these lovely thing from the UK, consequently I've have to wait weeks and pay loads more for shipping. That's why I decided to open this store, as a way for UK folks to get cheap supplies quickly and without the international shipping costs!

I'll be getting some more items in over the coming weeks so favourite the store to stay up to date!  I hope you like what I've started out with!

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