Tuesday, February 1, 2011

recent acquisitions and so on

Today there was a some nice light coming into our flat so I thought I'd snap some pics of a few things that I've made, bought and received lately.

Last night I made this little Swedish Dala Horse.  I cut the shape out of cardboard then covered it in some Japanese masking tape, which I'm totally addicted to.  I really love Dalas, I've been saying that they are going to be the next "hip" thing on Etsy and beyond this year.  I'm really hoping we can pop over to Sweden this year and I can buy a real one!

A couple of charity/op/thrift shop finds I got last week.  Couldn't resist the little brass deer for only 50p and I love the map illustration on this Devon mug.  I've never been to Devon, my Aunty used to live there when I was little (and living in Australia) and I quite like a good Devonshire Tea so I should really check it out one day.

Lastly, my mum sent me this fantastic set of Russian doll measuring cups for Christmas.  It's funny how sometimes my mum picks the best gifts ever, like she read my mind!  I love Russian dolls and  I'd seen these in Paperchase here before and resisted buying them for myself quite a few times.  They are very cleverly made, each half of each doll is a different measure, it must have taken the designers ages to make it all work!  


  1. I love the dala horse! I'm a big fan of them too..have a coupe knocking around the place...have you seen my big framed Ikea dala horse fabric? If you haven't there's a link to 'my house' on my sidebar! I'm desperate to visit Sweden. Love the Devon mug of course ;) if you ever visit Devon, I'm sure I could give you some 'where to go' pointers. I've been after those russian doll measuring cups for ages now...we have boring, normal ones, so I can't quite justify these when we already have a set. Lucky you!

  2. I found your blog from I love all these things wrote about. I also have a set of nesting doll measuring cups, but a different set. I love the surprised look of your wooden doll set too. I collect Russian dolls and have an affinity for Dala horses because of a former roommate. Great quick post with loads of adorable things.

  3. that dala horse is so adorable- I had to google that to see what they're all about- very interesting! So glad you introduced them to me and thanks for sharing today :)

  4. kerry ; thanks! i had seen your framed dalas but i didn't realise it was fabric, very clever! i have some boring normal ones too, which is the only reason i resisted them!

    designateddryden: thank you, glad you liked my post!

    modish: thank you too, glad you have learned all about dala horses, they are brilliant!



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