Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In an effort to blog more, I'd like to tell you about some of my favourite places in the world. Or rather, show you...

First up, here's is glorious Brockwell Park in London.  I live quite close to the park and I adore it.  In summer it's fields are ablaze with green, the lido is sparkling, the ducks are quacking, the cherry blossoms are out.. in winter, when it snows, the expanse of white is breathtaking.  The park is so massive that you can be in complete serene quiet one moment, only the sound of crunching snow under foot, then walk a moment or two and come across literally hundreds of people sledging down the hill.  On the way you might pass someone on cross country skiis or a snowboard.  It's an amazing place.


  1. Those purple berries look amazing and i love the balloons in the snow! Great set of snaps!

  2. These pics are gorgeous Amy...I love the one with the balloons in the snow too. I haven't really looked as far as near Brockwell Park...we've gone about as far a Dulwich. I'm going to do some research....thanks for the advice x

  3. thanks guys, i'm glad you like the balloons, one of those very lucky shots!

    good luck with the research kerry!



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