Thursday, January 20, 2011

desk detail

Here's a few things around my desk

Tape!  Never enough tape.  If you get something in the post from me it will have some combination of these on it!  Mostly japanese masking tape bought from here.

A couple of knitting projects I have on the go.

Stamps. A rubber band ball I've been making for a few months just from rubber bands that the Postman leaves outside our building.  One of my favourites of my (many) snowdomes.

Pencils in a pencil cup. And a teeny pinecone from Scotland.

Lists. Mustard foldback clip. My favourite pencil at the moment.

A great dish that combines my love of aviation with my love of melamine!

A small selection of my pens. A postcard by Jen Collins.


  1. So many wonderful things! I especially fancy that pencil mug, so nice.

    And I'm appreciating the new blog design, very nice and simple. I'm hoping to do a little redesign soon too! Thanks for the link on the side :)))

  2. yeh the pencil mug is amazing isn't it? i got it from an op shop for 50p!

    glad you like the new layout. i'm hoping it's a lot less cluttered and less "blogger" looking. having a new design is very refreshing!



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